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EAYIRA Fabric Toiletry Bag (Blue_TSB-7_10)


Product description

This Portable Travel Toiletry Bag is the best choice and ideal companion for any traveler. It can be put in any kinds of suitcase. It makes your toiletries easily packed and efficiently organized! Keep your traveling comfortably, have all your necessities right at hand and can find the thing you want at a glance, no more digging or dumping everything out to find what you need. When at home you can save up room or keep your bathroom more organized. This bag can not only be used as a toiletry bag, but also can be used as men or women’s makeup bag, dopp kit, bathroom bag, cosmetic pouch, shaving kits, hygiene kit, etc. Ideal for business trip, vacation, gym, makeup, outdoors activities, picnic, bathroom organization and more. Excellent capacity can meet all your different needs.

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Suitcase Organiser Set 8 Pieces, Suitcase Organiser Packing Cubes Set for Travel, Packing Cube for Backpack, Packing Bag Set with Cosmetic Bag, Clothes Bags, Waterproof Shoes Bag, Travel Essential


Lightweight and durable travel organizer:

  • super light nylon fabric ensures that your clothes can be neatly stored in your luggage without adding extra weight. Soft and smooth mesh surface can not only protect your delicate clothes from wrinkles and odors, but can also help identify your clothes via visible mesh to avoid fumbling in your entire luggage.
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